Business Consulting

A key part of my practice is helping business owners with not only the financial aspects of their companies but also with analysis of operations and strategies. I am able to provide assistance with:

  • Business formation strategies
  • Business plans, budgets, and projections
  • Growth, profitability, and productivity analysis
  • Financing proposals and loan preparation
  • Wealth creation
  • Protection from embezzlement

I have helped all kinds of business entities throughout the state of Michigan:

  • Manufacturing
  • Tool and die
  • Retail operations
  • Distributors
  • Dealerships
  • Professional corporations
  • Trucking companies*
  • Mortgage companies
  • Real estate companies

*Over the years I have developed a special expertise in working with trucking and transportation. I serve several trucking operations throughout the state and know the industry inside and out. I am a member of the Michigan Trucking Association.

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